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Join cloud sales

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It is a rough flow of how to participate in cloud sales.
Please refer to the last as a reference.

Let’s prepare the virtual currency (encryption currency) first

Registration to the exchange is necessary first.
However, in order to be able to use the exchanges, you probably think that it is mostly necessary to confirm the identity and passwords that are mailed.
In addition, when the identity confirmation did not go smoothly or when the registration is rushing, it takes more days, so we recommend that you register first, even if you do not have the token you want.
If you have a driver’s license, the examination seems to progress relatively smoothly.
If you do not have a license or a passport, overseas exchanges will be subject to restrictions on usage.

▼A list of exchanges in Japan is here

Let’s prepare Wallet

In addition, preparation of Wallet is also necessary.
With MyEtherWallet (Myisa Wallet), you can store the Ethicalam (ETH), the Ethical Classic (ETC) and ETH tokens, and it is compatible with Japanese.


The tokens distributed by ICO are mostly Ethernet-based tokens (ERC 20 tokens).

Do not forget to confirm as wallet information is posted on how to participate in cloud sales.

Virtual currency (encryption currency) for participating in cloud sales

Basically you can relieve if you prepare the company.
Please note that the currency that can be participated by cloud sale may be different.
For example, the Zaif token can be used in COMSA’s cloud sale, GameCredits can be used to purchase a MobileGo token, and the virtual currency that can be purchased is not necessarily decided.
In addition, it may be necessary to register to the designated exchange or wallet.
Therefore, it is essential to gather information in advance for cloud sales that you want to participate.

Join cloud sales

(It is only an example)
Go to the site that is doing cloud sale and set up your email address and password to create an account to join.
After that, log in to My Page of Cloud Sale and deposit it to the address of the remittance destination.
After waiting for a while, the purchased token is reflected (to reflect the token may be after the project).
In addition, it may be necessary to set a custom token in MyEtherWallet.
※If you remit directly from the exchange, you will not receive the token, and the virtual currency you transferred will also be lost. Remittance first to Wallet which can receive tokens, let’s join from there.

Points to note about cloud sales

Be careful with the number of remaining days in the cloud sale.
And fraud coins are concerned about the future increase.
Even if it is not a fraud, as a result the project fails, there are cases that it is not possible to list.
Despite the ICO bubble, let’s select cloud sale participation and collect information gently.
Those who are not good at English are encouraged to join a Japanese company or Japanese cloud sale until get used to.