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Chapter 1 General rules

■Article 1 (Application of the Covenant)

“ICO Market” Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as “these Terms”) is a web site “ICO Market” (hereinafter referred to as “the Site”) operated by ICO MARKET,Inc. (Hereinafter collectively referred to as “the Service”), and all users shall use the Service after agreeing to these Terms and Conditions .

In the event that the Company separately establishes the individual regulations etc. relating to this service and publishes it on this site, such individual regulations etc also constitute a part of this agreement. If conflicting or inconsistent with the contents of this agreement and individual regulations etc, individual regulations etc. will take precedence.

■Article 2 (Definition of Terms)

Define terms in this contract as follows.
Individual provision etc.
Individual provisions separately specified by the Company regarding this service, guidelines and notes on use etc.
Our company
ICO MARKET Corporation (Main office location: 7th floor, Hibiya International Building 2-2-3 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0011).
It refers to individuals, corporations or organizations using this service, including individuals, corporations or organizations that only view this site.
User terminal etc.
It refers to the user’s PC terminal, smartphone terminal, tablet terminal or other portable terminal and communication environment when using this service.
On this website, we refer to individuals, corporations or organizations that have undertaken procedures to become members of this service and approved by the Company.
Service comparison information
It refers to the service comparison information of each business operator categorized by genre and posted on this site and related information.
Saved data
Any data file or the like transmitted and stored on this server as a result of using this service by the user.
This server
This is the server equipment we use for managing this site and this service.

■Article 3 (Changes to the Covenant)

We may change the contents of these Terms from time to time at any time without prior notice based on our judgment. In this case, post this changed rule on this Terms page of this site, and then notify by posting on this website that this Terms changed.
The changed terms will be effective when posted on the Terms and Conditions page of this site, and from then on, the user will follow the changed terms. In addition, if the user has used a part of this service after the changed terms become effective, we will assume that the user has agreed to the terms of the changed terms after the change.

Chapter 2 Contents and Utilization of Services

■Article 4 (Content of service)

Of this service, searching / viewing of service comparison information can be done freely after agreeing to the usage agreement. However, due to our judgment in the future, there is the possibility of limiting the viewing of some or all of the service comparison information to members only.
The contents and functions etc. of this service may be added, changed or abolished without prior notice based on our judgment. Regarding changes that we deem important, we will inform you of the changes by posting them on this website before or after this, but we do not guarantee the notice, and as for criteria deemed important, It does not publish.

■Article 5 (Service use environment)

The user shall prepare, manage and maintain the user terminals etc. necessary for using this service at their own responsibility and expense burden.

■Article 6 (Service usage fee)

There is no usage fee that the user must pay to us regarding the use of this service. However, this does not guarantee that no fee will be incurred in the future, we will notify you in advance by posting on this website, etc., and in the future we will pay a fee plan etc. based on our judgment It may be set.

■Article 7 (intellectual property rights of services)

The copyrights and other intellectual property rights relating to this service and this site belong to us or the right holder. Information, images, images, trademarks and logo marks related to this service that users can acquire or display by using this service, programs inside the system, etc. that can be used only for using this service And can not be used for any other purpose without our prior consent.

■Article 8 (Responsibility for using the service)

The user shall use this service by his / her own intention, based on all the responsibilities related to using the service by him / herself, contents of stored data transmitted and registered through the use of this service and other use of this service We shall assume all responsibility for all actions taken. In addition, we will use the information, etc. obtained by using this service by the user on its own responsibility and judgment.
In the event that the user damages a third party through the use of this service or a dispute arises with a third party, the user shall resolve these situations on its own responsibility, We shall not bear any responsibility for these damages and conflicts etc.

■Article 9 (Prohibited matter)

In using this service, the user shall not perform any act that falls under any of the following or actions that may be applicable.

  • Actions that violate these terms
  • Actions that violate copyrights, intellectual property rights, privacy rights, portrait rights and other rights of us or third parties
  • The act of modifying this service and publishing, distributing etc. of the modification method
  • Acts of entering and sending false information through the use of this service
  • The act of using this service as a means of crime such as gambling, business interference, fraud
  • In addition to the preceding items, acts that violate laws and ordinances, public order and morals, and any acts that interfere with the operation of this service, and other acts that the Company deems inappropriate

When judging that the act of the user falls under any of the items of the preceding paragraph or it is likely that it is applicable, we deletes the data corresponding to each item of the preceding paragraph and related to the act We can take measures that we deem appropriate. Please note that this section does not define our obligation to monitor.
In the event that it is impossible or difficult for us to take the measures set forth in the preceding paragraph, we will notify the user of the deletion of data relating to the items of paragraph 1 of this Article, You may request that appropriate measures be taken and that user respond to such request.
In lieu of the exercise of the right in the preceding two paragraphs, or in conjunction with the exercise of the right, when the fact is confirmed to the user concerned and a request from a third party, etc., the Company adjusts with the third party etc. You can request.

Chapter 3 Posting comments

■ Article 10 (About posting)

Users of this site can post impressions, evaluations and opinions on contents (hereinafter referred to as “comments”) on this site on condition that they comply with the site policy (hereinafter referred to as “comments Users who do “posters”).
The contributor shall post a comment at his / her own risk, and shall assume all responsibility for inquiries, requests, complaints, claims, etc. from third parties to the comment you posted.

■Article 11 (copyright relating to comments)

The copyright relating to the comment belongs to the contributor of the comment. However, the contributor shall grant copyright, transmission permission, public transmission right / transmission right and other rights to the Company to the extent necessary for the operation of this site.
The contributor shall not exercise any moral rights of the author with respect to the comment you posted to us.

■Article 12 (Prohibited Posting Act)

For contributors, do not submit appropriate posts.

    • Posts that violate laws and treaties
    • Contrary to public order and morals
    • We will transfer the property, honor, credit, copyright, patent right, utility model right, design right, trademark right, portrait right, publicity right, privacy right and other rights of our company or other person Infringing Post
    • Contribution that can lead to economic / mental damage, disgust for the company or others, such as blackmail, hibbor, slander, discrimination, etc.
    • Contradictions or posts that may be
    • Promote or recruit specific political thought or religion
    • Commercial advertisements / publicity, spam mails, chain letters and other postings for solicitation
    • Others that we judge as inappropriate

■Article 13 (Deleting comments)

If we decide that the contributor’s comment corresponds to a post prohibited pursuant to the preceding paragraph, and if we deem it necessary (including the case of deleting the content itself in which the comment was posted), the author’s consent Without obtaining explanation and not explaining the reason to the contributor, it is possible to take measures such as non-display / deletion etc on this comment on this site, and the poster agrees in advance this will do.

■Article 14 (Scope of application)

In addition to the comments posted on this site, the provisions of each of the preceding paragraphs concerning comments posted in relation to the content on a web page managed by the Company (including pages on Facebook and other SNS sites) Shall also apply.

Chapter 4 Stopping and Abolishing Services

■Article 15 (Suspension of service)

We may temporarily suspend this service at any time after notifying the user in advance by posting it as a notice on this site, etc. and maintain related system and this server in some cases. In addition, in case of emergency unavoidable circumstances, it may be a notification after the incident.
We may temporarily suspend this service without prior notice to the user if any situation falls under any of the following conditions.

  • In case of sudden failure etc. occurred in this server or server installation data center.
  • When it becomes necessary to urgently update this site.
  • A case where the operation of this service becomes difficult or impossible due to damage caused by viruses that can not be prevented by regular virus countermeasures, or by force majeure such as fire, power failure, natural disaster landsion etc.
  • A temporary suspension is required due to measures based on laws and regulations.
  • In cases where the operation of this service becomes difficult or impossible due to the occurrence of other unforeseen circumstances or technical reasons or operational reasons.

■Article 16 (Abolishment of Services)

The Company shall be able to repeal some or all of this service if it falls under any of the following. Provided, however, that such abolition may result in immediate termination irrespective of whether or not it falls under any of the following cases in case of emergency unavoidable.
• You notified the user by posting it as a notice on this site 3 days before the date of discontinuation.

■Article 17 (withdrawal)

The user shall be able to delete the user data by notifying the Company by e-mail, telephone, etc. in some way. However, if there is an ongoing request matter, it can not be deleted until the response of the requested item and the deadline date for estimation arrive. In addition, if the contractor has responded or estimated to the requested case in the past, data such as all answers and estimates are deleted at the same time of deletion.
The Company shall be able to immediately delete the user data without prior notice to the user concerned.
If the member himself or herself deletes a request based on the preceding paragraphs or has been deleted by the Company, the stored data of the user stored in this server shall be exempted from the data necessary to maintain the Company’s operation All shall be deleted.

Chapter 5 Our Responsibilities

■ Article 18 (obligation to care for prudence)

The Company shall pay the best attention to the operation of this service with the duty of care of the good manager and shall do its best to resolve such obstacles etc. in case of occurrence of disaster etc. in this service. However, if the cause of the obstacle or the like falls under any of the following cases, it takes time to solve the obstacles or the like, or the solution may not be solved completely.

  • Fire, power failure, earthquake, other natural disasters, force majeure, abnormal voltage, etc.
  • Cases arising from software or hardware not directly related to this service.
  • Cases arising from user terminals and the like.
  • In cases where it is caused by a part modified or modified by a person other than our company, or based on the responsibility of the user.

■Article 19 (Inquiry correspondence)

We respond to inquiries from users regarding the operation method and operation of this service and other uses of this service as follows.
It corresponds only to inquiries by e-mail sent to the inquiry e-mail address posted on this site.
Reception of inquiries shall be within the reception time stated in conjunction with the inquiry e-mail address described in the previous issue.
Our response to inquiries from users is only provided as an advice, and we do not guarantee the resolution of specific problems, the suitability for the specific purpose of users, and the complete repair of other defects.
Regarding inquiries relating to personal information, we will respond not only to the preceding two paragraphs, but also according to a separately determined privacy policy.

■Article 20 (Liability for Liability)

Even if the user or third party suffers damage by using this service due to troubles of this service or the like due to the user’s fee etc. not to be generated when using this service, We will not be liable for any damages unless there is a special circumstance that we deliberately damaged the user.

■Article 21 (Disclaimer)

We do not guarantee the integrity, accuracy, usefulness, legality, etc. of the quality and function of this service technically or commercially in any way, and there is no defect in the service at all And it does not guarantee that failure does not occur. In addition, due to revision of laws and regulations, the quality and functions of this service can not be maintained and it may be forced to change, etc. In this case as well, we do not assume any responsibility.
We do not guarantee the proper operation of this site in any PC terminal, smartphone terminal, tablet terminal or other mobile terminal, any kind and version of OS and web browser of those terminals, We do not assume the obligation to perform operation verification and improvement correspondence etc. for guarantee.
We do not assume any responsibility even if the user or a third party suffers damage when we do the following measures or correspondence etc.

    • Change of this agreement based on Article 3 (Change of Terms of Service).
    • Addition, change, etc. of contents and functions etc. of this service based on Article 4 (contents of service).
  • Article 9 (Prohibited Matters) Measures or requests under Items 2, 3 and 4.
  • Article 15 (suspension of service) The suspension of this service based on each item.
  • Abolition of this service based on Article 16 (Abolishment of service).
  • Withdrawal measures under Article 17 (withdrawal) paragraph 2.

In any case, the Company shall not be liable for any damages or indirect damages arising from special circumstances, whether or not caused by reasons unavoidable attributable to the Company’s responsibility including force majeure such as natural disasters such as natural disasters, We will not be held liable for any damages, loss of lost profits, loss of data, interruption of business etc.

■Article 22 (Handling of personal information)

We will treat personal information obtained from users regarding this service in accordance with a separately defined privacy policy.

Chapter 6 Miscellaneous Provisions

■Article 23 (obligation to compensate damages for users)

With respect to the use of this service, in the event that the user violates these Terms or if the Company or other third party suffered damages due to reasons attributable to the user, that user will be responsible We will indemnify the damage.

■Article 24 (resolution of dispute)

In case of dispute or doubt about matters of this agreement or matters not stipulated in this agreement, we will consult with the principle of faithful fidelity and resolve it.
The law governing this Agreement shall be the Japanese law, and for any dispute arising from this Agreement, the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance in accordance with the purpose value of the dispute.

Final revision date: June 1, Heisei30