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Privacy policy

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ICO MARKET,Inc. keeps personal information and questionnaire contents provided by customers under strict control and uses it only for management work of the Company (including handover to information agencies and information provision) I will. We will not provide it to third parties unless requested by customer’s permission or laws etc. However, if part of or all of our services are transferred to affiliated companies and affiliated agencies, we will also transfer customer information held by us.

About using personal information

Personal information registered at the time of inquiry and document request is used in addition to our management work (including handover to information agencies and providing information) including confirmation of customers, provision of overseas real estate information to customers, contact etc. I will not.

About disclosure of personal information

As a general rule we do not disclose personal information of users without your consent. However, if you receive a request from the proper procedure prescribed by law or when it becomes necessary to protect the rights and property of our company, we may use the minimum necessary information for that purpose . About the handling system of the information we have offered ICO MARKET Co., Ltd. handles information provided by customers with responsibility.


When using this site, we will judge that you have agreed to the privacy policy of ICO MARKET CO., LTD. Depending on various circumstances on this site, we may partially change, modify, add, and delete the above privacy policy.

Final revision date: June 1, Heisei30