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Started franchise platform “YOA Project”. We aim to issue a prepaid card type token.

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YOA project to construct a new virtual currency scheme YOUA GF (YOUA Group) ‘s global franchise connected platform’ s business skills and virtualization (YOUA Group), which holds partnerships of more than 500,000 franchise networks in 30 countries, over 300 brands The collaboration of the currency [YOA project] began.

This project aims to realize “issuing a prepaid card type token” effective in the franchise business, to activate the virtual currency settlement service and capital procurement necessary for overseas expansion of the franchise. We are preparing full-fledged development of global ICO by completing YOA block chain technology which boasts up to 3.6 million transaction speeds per hour.

【Prepaid Card Type Token aimed at YOA Project】

In many countries’ on-offline stores, the “prepaid card” strategy, which sells pre-paid cards and gift certificates to consumers in advance and secures capital in the form of advance income, has been used for a long time.

In addition to such traditional prepaid card methods, the YOA project focuses on the development of a new service model that leverages the block chain technology that can generate benefits for both franchises and consumers.

Specifically, the YOA Project will verify the capital procurement necessary when entering overseas, and ITO will act on behalf of ITO. By issuing a token type prepaid card that can be used at a franchise franchisee, consumers can use prepaid card type tokens for trading and settlement, and will benefit from the issued tokens .

The most important thing in the virtual currency economy is to go beyond the exchange of services and currencies and to make the encryption currency have more utility value, that is, to enable settlement in actual commercial transactions.

YOUA GF, the principal partner of the YOA project, will launch franchises simultaneously in 30 countries around the world, including China, and will prepare and support the global franchise connected platform, which is a manageable solution at the same time.

Although many franchise stores are required to procure capital worldwide, by issuing a prepaid card type token, we construct a scheme that is a suitable ITO platform, based on that scheme, self-employed people Revitalize the use of prepaid card-type ITO at merchants and on-offline stores. Furthermore, we aim to revitalize the stagnating regional economy.

The goal of the future YOA coin is completion of a platform with a settlement system that enables trading offline franchise merchants to purchase and sell prepaid card type tokens on and off line.

Yet, although the YOA coin has just begun, there are business models with large schemes such as IT, new business and finance, education and entertainment, YOA block chain technology development with up to 3.6 million transaction speeds per hour, and ICO’s Preparation has already been completed.

Starting at 0 o’clock on May 15, 2018, we completed Pre-ICO through Hong Kong YHQ Holdings and the official ICO website. We plan to list on the exchange in July.

【Inquiries on this matter】
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