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【5/30 in Tokyo】 Cosplay Token · Clinicoin · Carats, 3 Project Introduction Mini Seminar

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About the seminar

In this seminar, we introduce three promising projects that information is not conveyed only to Japan, while gathering topics globally.

Cosplay culture originated in Japan, the first medical platform in the United States, a project backed by diamonds, etc. It is a seminar with a variety of variations.

Since it has become a mini seminar of a small number of people, we can ask you a question what is good among many projects and asset management methods.

I recommend this hotel

· Those interested in new asset management · Interested in
cosplay etc. sub culture
· Interested in medical business · Interested in
diamond business
· Interested in virtual currency

Content of the seminar

This seminar will introduce three projects.

COSPLAY TOKEN (Cosplay Token)



domestic and foreign matter not cosplay Year, photographer, modeler, user (fans) also have various tasks, and measures to solve problems are an urgent matter in order to develop the cosplay economy on a sustainable basis.
COSPLAY TOKEN (Cosplay Token) challenges this problem by using block chain technology which is a revolutionary technology since the Internet.
In the future cosplay economy, ICO is scheduled to be issued by issuing a unique token “COSPLAY TOKEN” aiming to become a de facto standard.

Official website:

About Clinicoin

Clinicoin is a block chain platform that protects your health and connects you and those who protect you.

Kurinikoin is, mobile technology , Healthcare providers, researchers, and developers by providing innovative tools to healthcare providers that utilize human social interactions and block chain technology to achieve health outcomes that were in the digital age It is aimed to connect health and improve the health of the whole world.
Currently we are implementing token sale, and we are attracting attention as medical ICO.

Official website:

Carats.io (carat token)

Carats.io (carat token)

Carats.io The most valuable commodity, tokenize diamonds.
It is stable and highly transparent, it can be traded on a liquid basis, and it also creates a digital value backed by authenticated diamonds that have been certified. It is genuine value not in other encryption currencies.
Equal exchange is always possible, CARAT token is guaranteed by diamond, guaranteeing permanent liquidity.
The CARAT token can be exchanged at any time with a genuine diamond authenticated by GIA.

Official website:

Seminar flow

· About us
· Comparison of asset management methods
· Introduction of various projects (1 project about 30 minutes, the order will be decided on the day)
· Q & A
· Individual consultation (Applicant only)