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Distribution of the largest AirDrop in Japan. 28 thousand people including domestic overseas! D – ZONE COIN finally starts public sale!

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Global Dream Japan Co., Ltd. launched a public sale of te virtual currency “D – ZONE COIN” issued by the Company on June 1, 2018 (Friday). AirDrop, which was conducted in three times in May, was a huge success and distributed 28,000 AirDrops including domestic and overseas. “D – ZONE COIN” which made the success of domestic largest AirDrop has very high expectation value in the market, attracting attention.


DZC (D – ZONE COIN) is the virtual currency issued by the Company. DZC can be used in the block chain settlement service “Dream-Pay”.

By using block chain technology, we realize high security, immediate settlement, and realize the lowest possible settlement service even in the industry with a commission of 0.5%. It has already received high praise in Korea and overseas.

2017 Grand Prize for Simple Settlement Service Division for Korean Brands

October 2017 Dream-Pay service started in Korea

December 2017 Regular Member of Korea Software Industry Association (KOSA)

December 2017 Certification of international quality management system ISO 2001, 2015

December 2017 2017 Won the Korean brand subject category, Block Chain White Paper Award

January 2018 USA LA Municipal Government, Award of Social Achievement Appreciation

March 2018 1st Korea Republic of Korea Block Chain Industry Awards, Simple Settlement Section Grand Prize

■ About TheDreamPay

Dream-Pay is a settlement service that uses proprietary coins based on PAY and its value fluctuates according to market trends. The general virtual currency is said to have high price volatility and it is said that it is difficult to use it as an ordinary payment instrument. However, in order to suppress such variability, Dream-Pay realizes stable settlement even by payment via legal currency by mediating DZC or PAY.

By utilizing DZC coins, using the Dream-Pay realizes the industry’s lowest fee. This will allow you to do overseas remittances easily.

■ Functions other than settlement will also be implemented

Settlement & remittance service is available in the Dream-Pay application released in May 2018.

In the future, we plan to promote connection and development among communities by implementing global chat function like SNS message service like LINE and Wechat.

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■ Future Developments

THE DREAMZONE: Payment system that can be used at affiliated stores

THE DREAMMALE: Shopping mall service available around the world

About road map

In DZC, road maps until 2020 are published on official websites and white papers.

January 2018: Established INNOCHAINGE, a US corporation, started a seminar

February 2018: Patent application of EASY payment service and method / technology

March 2018: Dream Zone Test Open, International Patent Application

April 2018: PG, POS service development, global chat service beta open

July 2018: Launch mobile payment cooperation service and global ICO insurance in Korea

August 2018: Overseas block chain exhibition held

September 2018: Money Transfer and Payment Settlement Full-scale Implementation 15,000 member stores in Korea

October 2018: Service progress in overseas countries,

Planned implementation of virtual currency linked service worldwide

Second half of 2019: Dream zone globally such as USA, Japan,

Dream Mall Market Expansion

First half of 2020: Dream Pay Expansion into China and European markets

2020: Development of block chain 4 generation technology

During 2020: Dream Pay 2.0 Service Open

The project of DZC started from January 2018 and we plan to release beta version of patent applications and services.


We plan to set up an exchange. DZC is planning to open a virtual currency exchange “DREAMEXCHANEG” in the future. In exchange for receiving listing fee from ICO and transaction currency when listing on this exchange, the goal is to set the transaction fee for users to 0 yen at the time of listing.




■ D-ZONECOIN purchase page


■ D-ZONECOIN Purchase method explanation page

https://dreampay.jp/ico/dzc%E3%83%88%E3%83%BC%E3%82%AF%E3%83%B3%E8%B3%BC%E5%85%A5%E6% 96% B 9% E 6% B 3% 95 /




■D-ZONECOIN Purchase page


■D-ZONECOIN Purchase method explanation page