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Announced that Estonia will not issue its own encryption currency estocoin (estocoin)

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According to government spokesman, Estonia has already adopted the euro, so it does not seem to consider issuing its own encryption currency

Est coin cryptographic token, called the government-led “e-residency” of ID could be used as

· Estonia’s media advisor Triin Oppi said that he will start “never existed” national encryption currency

Estonia has announced that there is no prospect of starting the nation’s cryptographic currency and that he will not do so anymore.

Government spokespeople have shown that there are no plans to issue national proprietary cryptographic currencies because the euro has already been used as the national currency in the Baltic States.

Instead, Estonia cites block chain technology as used in cryptographic tokens in the “e-residency” program, and says “to explore various possibilities”, if it realizes, Estonians / foreigners We will be able to use digital personal authentication forms for both sides.


Last year, Kaspar Korjus , president of Estonia’s e-residency program, announced that the encryption currency called “Est coin” will be issued by the country. Korjus explained that the new digital token will be sold for startup financing as Est coin is launched in ICO .

However, Estonia joined the euro area with a currency unity in 2010, becoming the first euro member country of the Soviet state.

European central bank opposed this due to the issue of Estonia’s cryptographic currency issuance, Mario Draghi , chairman of the bank said, “It is not acceptable to introduce your own currency in euro member countries” There was a history that I was doing.

Triin Oppi , a media advisor to Estonia , rebounded against an article in Blumberg that accused the publication of a cryptographic currency “scaled down” and said that such a plan was “out of the beginning”.

Oppi says that Estonia has issued its own encryption currency in the e-residency program, “I started discussing”, but it did not lead to a proposal, but stayed in the story of “only in e-residency ” It seemed to have been.

He also considers that the Estonian government is considering providing an ICO legal framework similar to Japan’s plan, he said.


“We are convinced that potential blockchain technology is a tool for economic growth, empowerment, or a comprehensive economy, so that institutions around the world, whether public or private, use that opportunity exploring we recognize it is the contents that ” Oppi Mr. CNBC has responded by e-mail.

“Estonia is already an important place for startup and we are seeking ways to improve that environment, one of which is towards companies that want to operate ICOs in a legal and responsible manner I think that it is to provide clear guidelines. “