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Cargo Coin develops the platform of the new transportation system Solve the risks that the logistics industry has in the block chains by utilizing the block chain – change the transportation mechanism and develop methods other than existing transportation methods

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Cargo Coin (Representative: Bogomil Alexandrov) is developing a transportation platform utilizing block chains. Cargo Coin will use the block chain to solve the risks of existing logistics industry. Token sale in progress.

【Cargo Coinとは】

Cargo Coin provides a transportation service that is not bound by existing transportation means by building a transportation platform that utilizes block chains. As a representative of existing transportation means, there are containers and bulkers in the shipping industry, trucks and railroads in the case of land transportation, airplanes and drone in air transportation. Cargo Coin will develop a method other than these existing means of transport by constructing the platform of the transportation system.

【Characteristics of Cargo Coin】

Cargo Coin will solve the problems of existing transportation systems. In the traditional international transport industry, the transportation industry has the risk of fraud that transportation is not completed even if you pay money. However, Cargo Coin’s technology can solve this problem. We have adopted the characteristics of Smart Contract that payment is completed by satisfying the condition agreed beforehand between business partners. Next, it is also possible to reduce the delay. Since Smart Contract is used, document creation, settlement, approval can be performed more smoothly than on paper work. Next is the safety of information. Since block chains are used for transportation transactions, it is possible to prevent the possibility of information leakage. Furthermore, since transactions are managed online, risks such as physical loss and lost paper documents can be avoided.

【Cargo Coin’s vision】

Cargo Coin aims at building a safe, inexpensive and rapid transportation system by utilizing the block chain. With existing methods, money and time are taken, making it inefficient. We aim to construct a platform of inexpensive and rapid transportation system by using the block chain to secure safety and Internet technology.

【About token sale】

Name: Cargo Coin

Maximum goal: 55,000,000 USD

White paper:  https://thecargocoin.com/docs/CargoCoin-Whitepaper.pdf

【Company Profile】

Company name: Cargo Coin

Representative Name: Bogomil Alexandrov

URL   : https://thecargocoin.com/

【Official site】

Official website:  https://thecargocoin.com/

Twitter  : https://twitter.com/thecargocoin

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/thecargocoin/

Telegram : http://t.me/thecargocoingroup