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Bit Fury, appointed former US Justice Department cyber criminal officer to be responsible for Crystal business in the United States – Appointment of Mr. Dubose strengthens support for introducing enterprise, organization breakthrough block chain analysis tool

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May 15, 2018, Amsterdam Bit Fury is responsible for Crystal, a comprehensive bit coin and block chain investigation tool provided by Bitt Fury, Michael, who served as the head of cybercrime in the US Justice Department · Mr. Dubose was welcomed. He will support the introduction of crystals for law enforcement agencies, financial institutions and other major agencies in the United States.

Bitt Fury continues its efforts to improve cognition and understanding about the tool for companies and organizations in the United States and around the world who may enjoy the benefits of a breakthrough analysis tool called Crystal, Mr. Dubose ‘s inauguration will further demonstrate such efforts.

Crystal is a tool Bitt Fury announced earlier this year and it is possible to map suspicious transactions and related organizations through the provision of an overview of bit coins and block chains and advanced analysis and data collection.

In addition, Crystal offers its own “risk scoring” system, which will assist investigators in clarifying and tracking malicious acts. Crystal is designed for law enforcement agencies that associate malicious bit coin transactions with existing entities and to elucidate relationships among criminal actors and institutions including compliance and financial institutions that conduct due diligence It is.

Valerie Vavilov, Bit Fury’s CEO, says:
“I am honored that Mr. Dubose participated in Bit Fury in order to understand the importance of Crystal by major companies and organizations.Because of the development of Crystal, I am honored to be a bit coin · block chain and other public · I was able to take an important step to verify the safety of the block chain and Mr. Dubose will be in charge of these initiatives in a very important market. “

Mr. Dobose says as follows.
“I am honored that you can serve as a director in the Crystal business in Bit Fury, Crystal will be able to identify and track criminal acts on bit coins more easily, It is a very important service for law enforcement agencies, financial institutions and other related organizations.To introduce Crystals, these institutions will be able to locate criminals and help to establish safer bit coins / block chains I am looking forward to it. “

Mr. Dubose has over thirty years of experience in the field of law enforcement and data security. He also served as head of the computer crime and intellectual property department for 11 years at the US Department of Justice and oversees the division of 40 federal prosecutors to deliberate and prosecute national or international computer crime and patent disputes He has worked as a departmental policy and responsible person for priority policy and prosecution cases for global cybercrime countermeasures.

Mr. Dobose has won numerous awards in government duties and has also won the most honorable awards on services and leadership in the criminal sector.

In the immediate future, Mr. Dubose served as Managing Director at Kroll and overseeed the Cyber ​​Investigation Practice Group. The company provides effective cyber investigation practices for quick response to large information leaks, theft of important IP and property information, real-time data analysis and monitoring of network security, correction and effective problem handling Established.

Mr. Dubose graduates from Dartmouth College and Harvard Law School with honors.

Crystal Crystal is a comprehensive investigation tool of the block chain. Crystals designed for law enforcement agencies and financial institutions and security affiliates provide an overview of the public block chain ecosystem and map suspicious transactions and related organizations through sophisticated analysis and data collection . Crystal contributes to the progress of investigations by associating bit coin transactions with existing entities, identifying relationships among criminal actors, and investigating suspicious behavior online. Crystal has a wide range of functions to confirm that block chain investigation is most efficiently and effectively implemented.

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