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ICO “Firop” carries out air dropping – The innovative integrated market place “Firop” equipped with ICO platforms and exchanges air drops to investors who registered during ICO Sale’s opening

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ICO “Firop” carries out air dropping – The innovative integrated market place “Firop” equipped with ICO platforms and exchanges air drops to investors who registered during ICO Sale’s opening

Firop “Robert Phillips (CEO) announced that ICO pre-registration began from 18 o’clock May 1, 2018. Firop’s business is indispensable to human beings, and is a marketplace for the “freshwater field” where practical application is urgently required.

We wish to participate in the project with strong interest, we will implement Air Drop to raise awareness of Firop and increase liquidity of Firop Exchange.

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■ What is Firop?

Firop offers an integrated marketplace with exchanges and an ICO platform limited to entities such as institutions and companies that research water-making technology called “freshwater technology”.

In Firop Exchange, a marketplace established as Firop, we are limiting the fields to be disclosed to research institutes and companies of freshwatering technology, and utilizing the so-called “ICO” which enabled rapid financing, We will provide fair opportunities for institutions and investors.

In addition, Firop is aiming at building a marketplace incorporating the role of the Financial Supervisory Authority, which monitors auditing functions and illegal transactions for research institutions, mainly.

■ Why? Do you need a marketplace limited to freshwatering technology?

Presently, people who reconsider interest in “water” are probably minorities. However, it is a well-known fact that water is the root of life and substitution does not work. There are only a few people who know that the water is currently in a crisis situation.

As a solution to that “water problem”, there are various freshwatering technologies that convert water that can not be used by humans, such as seawater and drainage, into an available state.

However, the environment in which researchers of freshwatering technology are located is a very closed industry, and it is currently difficult to say that research is being carried out freely.

For example, there are very few opportunities to publish research results and progress etc. to the general public, and due to the characteristics of freshwatering technology, which is a new field, the form of information disclosure is not well developed, it is overflowing with specialized terms and general investors It is hard to understand and it can be said that the wall of interest is thick, because it deals with the most important “water” for humanity. Because of such problems, there are so many other elements than necessary for the original research.

Research on freshwatering technology requires time and a certain amount of funds, so there is no point of contact with general investors if there is a barrier of interest in such a closed environment. It means a stagnation of research funds, which is a serious problem for researchers.

We will connect research institutions and investors widely through Firop, create a circulation of funds and lead to the creation of an environment to develop diverse technologies. Such an approach will broaden social recognition and destroy the barrier of interest.

In addition, it is reason why investors have made it “easy to compare” to water production technology.

Various industries are listed on stock exchanges in various countries including New York, Tokyo, London, which are representative market places in the world. Even if it is a single type of business, it is extremely difficult for investors to compare their business forms in various ways. This is also true for today’s ICO platform.

It is important to say “There are more options” in the market place. However, it is based on “easy to understand”. Firop felt that the existing marketplace, which became complicated, deprived the freedom of investment, so Firop handled limited freshwatering technology only, and disclosed information according to certain criteria, investors compare It made it easy to consider.

■ What is the token “FDP” issued by Firop?

The FDP we issue serves as the average value in the freshwater field. To replace the existing financial market, it is the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) average of the world’s representative index, the Dow Jones industrial stock. DJIA is the average of 30 companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is positioned as an important indicator that affects global financial markets.

FDP will become a central indicator of the freshwater field which is indispensable for humanity in the future and its indicator will be an important indicator that governs world economic activity. And you can trade FDP as well as “Dow average futures” trading DJIA.

And by increasing the exchange of tokens and FDP issued by all research institutes and companies exposed to Firop in various encryption currencies and legal currencies, it increases liquidity within Firop. In this way the user can freely trade the freshwater averaging FDP, the tokens of the research institution to be released.

Having FDP will have the value of the entire Firop and as the technology of each freshwater research institute is put to practical use, the value of each token will rise and the value of FDP will rise.

In other words, the more the value of ICO’s token and the number of freshwater technology research institutions conducted by the research institute for freshwater technology, the more the value of Firop’s marketplace increases and the average value goes up, the value of FDP token I will go up.

■ Fund raised amount

Capital transfer amount: 35 million USD

Soft cap 5 million USD

■ Token price


■ ICO schedule

2018 June 1 – 18 o’clock –


Bonus: 200%

June 16, 2018 18 o’clock –


Bonus: 150%

July 1, 2018 18 o’clock –


Bonus: 50%

2018 August 1, 18 o’clock –


Bonus: 20%

■ White paper

For details on Firop and ICO etc., please see the latest white paper from below.


■ Firop

CEO       : Robert Phillips

Official website:  https://firop-exchange.com/link/official/